Best vermicelli recipes of all times

Vermicelli is a form of rice noodles that is typically prepared from refined rice or flour. Even though it looks quite like noodles, it is just a bit thinner than them.  It is also consumed as sevian at the times of festivals of Eid and Diwali.

However, it is also widely used to prepare savory dishes in Mexican and Latin cuisine and is incorporated in side dishes, salads, and chicken soups. Even the Vietnamese vermicelli recipe is quite common in a number of Asian countries.

Vermicelli dishes of different cuisines

There are a number of dishes of Vermicelli which are being consumed all around the world for years. Here comes the list of some of it which you can prepare for yourself easily:

●      Vermicelli Nut Idli

When you are craving to have something spicy and won’t really mind if it is idli, choose vermicelli nut idli blindly. It is a type of south Indian breakfast that is prepared with semolina and vermicelli along with broken cashews.

You can also have it as a snack in the evening or as a starter before a full meal. Get some coriander onion chutney or even plain tomato chutney and that would be enough to satisfy your taste buds.

●      Singapore Noodles

The rice noodles are commonly known as beehon, meehoon, or Singapore noodles in Singapore. It goes the best with Chinese BBQ Pork, egg, prawns, bacon, and any other meat which you want to add.

The main ingredient which is responsible for its color and taste is the sauce. It is prepared with Chinese cooking wine, curry powder, sugar, pepper, and soya sauce. Mainly the curry powder is known to add the signature flavor to this dish.

●      Seviyan Upma

From the kids to the elderly people of your family, this perfectly nutritious meal for every one of all ages. However, it is best for people with high blood pressure.

Seviyan upma along with wheat vermicelli can be prepared pretty easily and it takes quite less time too. It does not really require any such planning or preparation beforehand.

So you can have this colorful and healthier version of seviyan upma anytime and you can also add some vegetables, a bit of pepper, and lemon. That will be enough to serve you a healthy and satisfying meal.

●      Vietnamese Noodles with Lemongrass Chicken

The Vietnamese noodle bowl tastes yummy as a whole but when you add vermicelli to it, it ends up being a heavenly taste. It is a versatile and healthy dish and is simple to prepare too.

Just find out the Vietnamese vermicelli recipe of noodles and try to add lemongrass chicken to your meal. That will be enough to let you have one of the most memorable meals indeed!

●      Vermicelli and Mushroom Vegetable Soup

Widely known as a healthy broth in Asian countries, this dish is a tangy and awakening one that offers you a taste of infinite flavors. Prepared with vermicelli, mushroom, vegetables, and paneer, it ends up being rich in calcium.

And that is what makes it a healthy dish mainly for elderly people and kids as it strengthens the weak bones and teeth. Paneer is the sole ingredient of this broth and that is why paneer lovers savor this dish a lot.

●      Mango Kheer

Mango and vermicelli is an amazing combo that you can’t get until you manage to have a spoonful of it. It is a perfect dessert for a hot summer afternoon. It is a smooth, rich, and creamy dish that tastes the best if consumed after keeping it in the fridge for some time.

●      Fried Rice Vermicelli

The way Italians consume pasta, it is the same deal for noodles and Chinese. And friend rice vermicelli tastes the best when it is consumed with chicken, bean sprouts, and scallion.

You can also experiment with other noodles once you learn to stir fry the noodles. Besides that, you can also add pork, beef, shrimp, or any other seafood in place of chicken.

Vermicelli does not have any such flavor of its own but it is used to make sweet dishes in several Asian countries. In other places, it is used as noodles too. And there is no harm in experimenting and finding out about new dishes. So take out some time, and try preparing the above-mentioned dishes at your home soon!