The Impact of ERP on Shop Floor & Production Maintenance

ERP solutions, both on-premises and cloud, have become a crucial tool for business operations management. Implementing a fully-integrated, scalable system in a manufacturing and production company enables efficient workflows and quick decision making across all departments at strategic and operational levels.

In the manufacturing industry, shop floor holds the key position and therefore, it’s mandatory to run it smoothly and efficiently. Be it a corrective or scheduled maintenance, manufacturers need an integrated solution for supporting this operational need. An ERP system with a Preventive Maintenance Module suffice the need that will help you track maintenance and repair of the shop floor machines.  

Production Management & Maintenance 
In a discrete manufacturing industry in which make-to-order or make-to-stock production needs high-end maintenance, an ERP functionality becomes essential. For swift and efficient production management, it’s important that whatever ERP system you implement it must fulfill the following functions of maintenance as primary requisites.

  • Tools management
  • Repairs planning
  • Upgrades scheduling
  • Renewals forecasting
  • Spare parts inventory
  • Maintenance cost management
  • Production staff management

For instance, MIE Trak Pro with its state-of-the-art preventive maintenance module not only tracks the shop floor machines, but also their locations and maintenance status besides other asset information. This module allows to define new maintenance and repair parameters, run maintenance processes, generate asset reports and maintenance staff management.

Effective Management of Maintenance Staff
Not only the shop floor maintenance, but an ERP also allows to manage professional employees of maintenance departments and monitor their performance.

In a highly automated production system, maintenance staff is supposed to decide about the effectiveness of avoiding the breakdowns and fixing the failures of production systems. It means companies cannot afford any damage or breakdown to production resources – both tangible and intangible.

To effectively manage maintenance tasks and staff, an ERP software solution should be well-suited to the production maintenance specifics and other operational requirements of the company.

The Basic information required for maintenance management through ERP includes;   

  • Frequency of inspections
  • Plan and scope of repairs
  • Maintenance production order
  • List of spare parts
  • List of maintenance operations
  • Technical documentation
  • Costs of ownership (overhauls, breakdowns, etc.)

MIE Trak Pro gives discrete manufacturers all these facilities and a lot more.

Let’s see how its preventive maintenance module helps with scheduled and emergency maintenance tasks.

Machine Setup:
The repair and maintenance module of MIE Trak Pro helps track the working condition of shop floor machines. All the information about these machines (name, type, category, etc.) is entered into the system during the MIE Trak setup process. It could be done through manual input or data import from other resources like excel spreadsheets.    

You can also group and organize machines for reporting purposes. You can add as many work centers and machines in the system as you want by using the Work Center option in the maintenance module.

Preventive Maintenance:
Here comes the processes involved in building and developing the standard scheduling of shop floor maintenance that needs to be executed on a regular basis.  

  • Machine Usage Reading
  • Maintenance Schedules

Machine Repairs:
Following process can be executed for emergency maintenance tasks such as to repair a damaged part, etc.  

  • Maintenance Requests (typically for unscheduled/emergency requests for machine maintenance; apply search conditions to view specific requests).
  • Maintenance Schedule Requests (here, you can see pending requests without applying the search parameters).

Maintenance in Kiosk:
The machines maintenance and repair functions, etc., are also available on Kiosk. The shop floor personnel can see it through;

  • Kiosk Maintenance Request feature in MIE Trak program

Real-Time Reporting:
The preventive maintenance module of MIE Trak Pro provides scalable reporting services for Fixed Assets and Machine Work Orders.    

  • Machine Work Orders Report
  • Edit a Machine Work Order
  • Fixed Asset Report

Bottom Line:
Preventive maintenance is a vital part of the manufacturing industry and includes inspection, servicing, and repairs of the shop floor machines. And, therefore, it is highly recommended to use the best ERP software for enhanced business operations, including shop floor maintenance and production staff management.