First They Guarded Roger Stone. At that point They Joined the Capitol Attack.

At any rate six individuals who had given security to Roger Stone entered the Capitol during the Jan. 6 attack, as per a New York Times examination.

Recordings show the gathering guarding Mr. Stone, a long-term companion of previous President Donald J. Trump, upon the arrival of the attack or the day preceding. Each of them six are related with the Oath Keepers, an extreme right enemy of government local army that is known to give security to conservative characters and nonconformists at public occasions.

Mr. Stone, a sentenced criminal who was absolved by Mr. Trump, has a long history as a self-declared “filthy joke artist” political employable who has lived by the orders of attack, concede nothing, deny everything, and counterattack. He posted a message internet denying contribution to “the untamed demonstrations at the Capitol.”

We went through many recordings and photographs and drew on examination from an internet observing gathering called the Capitol Terrorists Exposers to follow the security group that encompassed Mr. Stone on Jan. 5 and 6.

Here’s the way they went from guarding him to remaining inside the Capitol expanding on Jan. 6.

Gatekeepers With Stone

On Jan. 5, the day preceding the Capitol attack, Mr. Stone unveils two appearances in Washington on the side of Mr. Trump’s ridiculous cases of political decision misrepresentation. Six of the people we center around are giving security to Mr. Stone. Five of them are seen with Mr. Stone in the video beneath.

On the evening of Jan. 5, after a discourse at the U.S. High Court, Mr. Stone is cruised all over by one of the six Oath Keepers being referred to, as others in the gathering keep the group under control.

That night, Mr. Stone talks at another convention close to the White House, in which he declares that “We will win this battle or America will venture off into 1,000 years of dimness.” Several of the Oath Keepers we followed keep on giving security to him at this occasion.

On the morning of Jan. 6, Mr. Stone is spotted external the Willard InterContinental lodging, a traffic light away from the White House. Watchman 6 is seen with Mr. Stone here.

This is the last time Mr. Stone is seen that day in any of the recording explored by The New York Times. He keeps advancing talks and mobilizes online that he says he will make close to the Capitol that evening. In any case, he won’t ever show up. He currently says he basically remained at the lodging.

Recordings at that point show each of the six of the safety officers inside the Capitol working during the attack. Some get together with individual Oath Keepers, including two who have been accused of scheme. Others are found in the corridors.