Wooden crates: Top benefits of using wooden shipping crates

From packing something small and fragile to packing something big and heavy, wooden crates are extremely versatile, and thus, a favored packaging material across different industry verticals. From grocery stores to big industrial setups, wooden crates serve a myriad of purpose, and has fast become one of the chosen methods of packaging and transporting goods to far off places.Here are few top reasons why these are so popular in the shipping industry.

wooden crates
Wooden crates: Top benefits of using wooden shipping crates

Benefits of shifting to wooden shipping crates

  • Strong and sturdy: Wood is naturally strong and the crates are designed to withstand a fair bit of wear and tear. Crate suppliers in South Africa make these specifically to meet the everyday challenges of the shipping industry. These can not only withstand ample vertical pressure but can also be stacked together, and protect the product from shocks and vibrations.
  • Affordable choice of packaging: Wood is much more abundantly available or easily sourced than some of the other packaging materials, and takes even less effort to be crafted into crates. Moreover, making wooden crates costs less and involves less hassle. Since manufacturing it is cheaper and offers a more cost-effective solution to packaging things when compared to metal or plastic containers, they are widely used across the world.
  • Environment-friendly:Let’s face it! Wooden crates can be reused and repurposed. You must have come across at least a few DIY videos where they show how old wooden crates can be converted into a plant box or something else. In fact, if such a crate is too battered to be used as anything and eventually ends up in landfills, the wood would take only a few years to decompose, unlike plastic which may take up to 1000 years or more!
  • Reusable:Wooden crates are specifically crafted by crate suppliers in South Africa to be used more than once – for long-term utilization. If a part of it gets damaged, it can easily be replaced. In fact, crates can be completely torn down and rebuilt from scratch depending on your shipping needs.
  • Customizable:Is your product unusual in shape or perhaps a bit too large?Crate suppliers in South Africa do not follow a one-size-fits-all approach and thus offer customized solutions to companies to meet their varying needs. This makes them far more useful than plastic crates, which clearly can’t be customized at short notice. The best thing about wooden crates is that they can be made to your exact specifications, down to the last detail of wood type, depending on your budget and purpose.
  • Suitable protection: Your items deserve the best protection during every step of the shipment process and thus, never settle for anything less than the absolute best. Apart from a having custom crate made, also make sure that the product is properly placed inside the crate and proper padding has been placed wherever needed. For exceptionally big items, the product/ object is tied in place, so that it doesn’t budge from its place. A reliable crate supplier or shipping company can suggest the best damage prevention solution.

Key takeaway

The best storage and shipping packaging material depends on the type of product, the distance it’d have to be shipped, and whether it needs a customized solution. While plastic crates are particularly great for products of uniform size, strength, and stability, wooden crates are more suited for transporting bigger and heavier objects that cannot be fitted in regular cartons or plastic crates – ones that need a larger, tailor-made solution.

While you’d find tons of crate suppliers online promising great packaging materials at competitive rates, very few have the expertise and the requisite manpower to offer robust packaging equipment within a stipulated time. This is why, we urge businesses, both small and big, to conduct thorough research before hiring a packaging supplier for their shipping needs. One wrong move can jeopardize the shipment and severely dent your reputation.