Wordle Hints for Today’s Puzzle to Help You Win

Wordle Hints

You wake up, grab your phone, and open your favorite word game – Wordle. Your brain is still foggy with sleep, but those green, yellow, and gray boxes are calling your name. Time to flex those vocabulary muscles and start guessing some words. We’ve got the inside scoop on today’s Wordle hints puzzle to give your game a jumpstart. So brew a cup of coffee, limber up those fingers, and let’s get guessing. We’ll make sure you’re starting your Wordle streak strong today.

How to Use These Wordle Hints Effectively

Start with the Same Letters

Choosing the same starting letters each time you play Wordle helps in a few ways. First, it gives you consistency so you can get faster at guessing the right letters in the right spots.

Take Your Time

Wordle isn’t a timed game, so there’s no need to rush into guesses. Take a few seconds after each guess to look at the letters you have and think about what possibilities are left. The more you play, the better you’ll get at deducing what the word might be based on the letters you have.

Use Vowel-Heavy Words

Words with lots of vowels, like ‘audio’ or ‘idea’, give you a better chance of getting letters in the right place. While consonant-heavy words like ‘rhythms’ or ‘gypsy’ seem impressive, they reduce your odds of guessing letters in the word. Of course, you want to choose real words and not just random letters, but when stuck between a few options, opt for the choice with more vowels.

Don’t Rush Your Responses

The timer in Wordle doesn’t start until you make your first guess, so take your time reviewing the letters you have before guessing again. Look for small words or letter combinations within the word, or think of words that contain some of the letters you have in the same positions. The longer you spend deducing the word, the more likely you’ll guess it in fewer tries.

Breaking Down Today’s Wordle Puzzle Structure

To solve today’s Wordle puzzle, you need to understand how the words are put together. The puzzle uses common letters and a symmetrical pattern for the solution word.

Letter Frequency

The letters E, A, and R are very common in English and frequently appear in Wordle puzzles. Look for spots where those letters would logically fit into potential solutions. For example, if you have ‘ E _ E _’ , an E at the beginning and end indicates the word could be ‘ENGINE’ or ‘ENTREE’.

Vowel-Consonant Pattern

Many Wordle solutions follow a vowel-consonant pattern like VCVVCV or VCVCVCV. For instance, a pattern of VCVCV could be a word like ‘CANOE’ or ‘OUTDO’. Look for sequences of letters that fit a pattern with a good mix of vowels and consonants. That can help determine where certain letters are most likely to appear.


The solution word itself often has a symmetrical letter pattern. If the puzzle has spaces for seven letters, the solution may be something like ‘BALLOON’ or ‘HANNAH’ with the same letter in the middle and symmetrical letters on either side. Identifying a symmetrical pattern is very useful for narrowing down the possibilities.

By analyzing the frequency of common letters, noticing vowel-consonant patterns, and looking for symmetry, you’ll have today’s Wordle stumped in no time. Keep at it, be methodical in your deductions, and the solution will come into focus. You’ve got this! Now put those word skills to work and figure out today’s puzzle.

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Useful Starting Word Suggestions for Today

When trying to solve today’s Wordle puzzle, a strong starting word can make a big difference. Here are a few suggestions to get you going.


This classic five-letter word contains three vowels, so it will give you a lot of information right off the bat about what letters are in the word or not in the word. If some letters light up yellow or green, you’ll have clues to build on for your next guess.


A solid starter word with a mix of consonants and vowels. If the ‘C’ or ‘H’ light up, you’ll know where they are in the word and can try other words with those letters like ‘cheat’ or ‘chump.’ If they don’t light up at all, cross those letters off your list.


Another useful five-letter word with a variety of letters. Pay attention to where the vowels light up to determine if they are at the beginning, middle, or end of the word. The ‘D’ or ‘R’ lighting up would also provide helpful clues to narrow down the word.


For a challenging puzzle, a longer starter word may be needed. ‘Rhythms’ covers a lot of letters and will quickly help determine what’s in the word and what isn’t. Look for patterns in the letters that light up to figure out prefixes, suffixes, or word chunks that could be part of the full word. With seven letters to work from, you’ll be well on your way to solving the puzzle.

Trying a few of these starter words should get you going in the right direction to figure out today’s Wordle word. Pay close attention to the letters that light up and where they appear in the word. Look for patterns and chunks of letters you recognize. With some deductive reasoning, the full word will be revealed. Good luck!

Strategies to Narrow Down the Possibilities

To solve today’s Wordle puzzle, you’ll want to employ some strategies to figure out the right combination of letters. The more letters you can determine, the closer you’ll get to the solution.

Look for Common Letters

Some letters like E, T, A, O, and N are very commonly used, so try plugging them into different spots in your guesses. For example, if you haven’t used E yet, try ‘E_ _ E’ or ‘E_E’. Usually, at least one E will be in the word. The same goes for T, A, O, and N.

Pay Attention to Letter Placement

If a letter turns yellow after you guess it, that means the letter is in the word but in the wrong spot. Try rearranging that letter in a different position for your next guess. For example, if ‘GATE’ produces a yellow G, try ‘AGTE’ or ‘GAET’ next. Keep moving that letter around until it turns green.

Think of Word Patterns

Many English words follow common patterns like CVCC (such as ‘help’) or CVVC (like ‘seat’). Try guesses with those letter patterns and you may stumble upon the right combo. For example, ‘stoat,’ ‘wreck,’ or ‘chimp.’ Of course, the word could be an exception, but it’s worth a shot.

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Consider Word Length

If the puzzle allows for 5 or 6-letter words, focus your guesses in that range. Don’t waste guesses on 8-10 letter words since the solution is more likely to be on the shorter end. Pay attention to the number of greens you get with each guess to determine if you should try longer or shorter words.

With some deductive reasoning and an understanding of common English language conventions, you’ll solve the Wordle in no time. Keep at it and don’t get frustrated if it takes a few guesses. The satisfaction of figuring out the solution is well worth it!

Wordle Hint FAQs: Your Most Common Questions Answered

Many of you have questions about how to get the most out of Wordle hints. Here are some of the most common FAQs to help you solve today’s puzzle.

How many hints can I use?

You get one free hint per day. If you want additional hints, you’ll need to watch an ad to unlock another one. There’s no limit to the number of hints you can unlock by watching ads, so keep guessing and use as many as you need!

Do hints remove letters or just tell me which letters are in the word?

Hints will never remove letters from the board. They simply highlight letters that appear in the word you’re trying to guess. The hints tell you which letters are in the word but not their positions.

What’s the best strategy for using hints?

The best way to use Wordle hints is:

1.                 Make a first guess with 5 letters that are common in English words. Letters like A, E, S, T, O, etc. are good options.

2.                 See which letters light up as hints. Focus on those letters for your next guesses.

3.                 Try rearranging the highlighted letters and combining them with new letters. For example, if A, E, and R lit up, try a word like “area” or “earl.”

4.                 Keep making guesses and watching ads for more hints until you’ve figured out the positions of all highlighted letters.

5.                 Solve the puzzle! With the hints revealed and letters in the right spots, you’ll get the word.

Using this strategy, you’re maximizing the value of each hint to gradually narrow down the word. With some deduction, the hints should reveal the full solution. Let me know if you have any other questions!


So in the end, getting those green squares for today’s Wordle doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. With a few smart strategies like starting with vowels or common letters, checking for double letters, and saving your best guesses for last, you’ve got all the hints you need to solve that puzzle. Sure, it takes some luck too, but now you’ve got an expert’s tricks up your sleeve. Just remember to have fun with it – don’t stress if you don’t get the answer in 6 tries. There’s always tomorrow for redemption. Keep on playing Wordle your way, and enjoy the friendly competition with your friends to see who can get it the fastest. May those green squares light up your day!