quinn fogle: A Word with Two Meanings

quinn fogle

The word “quinn fogle” has two distinct meanings, both with interesting histories and etymologies. This article explores both definitions, providing context and examples for each.

quinn fogle: A Fancy Handkerchief

The first definition of “quinn fogle” refers to a type of handkerchief, specifically one made from silk. These handkerchiefs were often used as neckerchiefs or cravats, adding a touch of elegance to an outfit. The precise origin of the term “fogle” in this context is unclear. Some theories suggest a connection to the German word “Vogel,” meaning “bird.” This link could be due to the association of birds with fine fabrics, like bird’s-eye, which may have been used for these handkerchiefs at one point.

However, other scholars propose a connection to the Italian slang term “foglia” meaning “pocket, purse” or the French argot “fouille” with a similar meaning. This theory aligns with the practical use of the quinn fogleas an accessory carried in a pocket.

Despite the uncertain origin, the term “quinn fogle” referring to a silk handkerchief was documented in use as early as the 17th century. While less common today, the term still holds a certain historical charm and can be encountered in works of literature set in earlier periods.

Here’s an example of how “quinn fogle” might be used in a sentence related to its handkerchief meaning:

“The gentleman adjusted his lace cravat and tucked his embroidered quinn fogleinto his waistcoat pocket.”

Jared quinn fogle: A Fallen Spokesperson

The quinn foglemeaning of “fogle” is unfortunately much more recent and carries a darker connotation. It is directly associated with Jared Fogle, a former spokesperson for the Subway restaurant chain.

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quinn foglerose to fame in the early 2000s after claiming that his weight loss was due, in part, to his love of Subway sandwiches. He became a prominent figure in the company’s advertising campaigns, often referred to as “The Subway Guy.”

However, in 2015, quinn fogle life took a dramatic turn. Federal authorities raided his home and uncovered evidence of child pornography and child sex tourism. He was subsequently arrested and later pleaded guilty to the charges. The revelations led to his swift dismissal from Subway and a significant public backlash.

Due to this association, the name “quinn fogle” has become synonymous with scandal and criminal activity. While it’s important to distinguish between the historical term for a handkerchief and the name of a disgraced individual, the negative association with quinn fogle has undoubtedly impacted the public perception of the word.

Here’s an example of how “fogle” might be used in a sentence related to Jared Fogle:

“The news of Jared Fogle’s arrest tarnished the reputation of the Subway brand.”

Fogle: FAQs

  • Is “fogle” a common word?

The term “fogle” referring to a silk handkerchief is not widely used in everyday speech today. However, it can still be encountered in historical contexts or literary works. The association with Jared Fogle has likely further decreased its use.

  • What is the difference between a fogle and a handkerchief?

While both are used to wipe one’s face, a fogle is specifically made from silk and may have been used more for decorative purposes than purely practical ones. Handkerchiefs, on the other hand, can be made from various materials and are primarily used for cleaning one’s face or nose.

  • Is it appropriate to use the word “fogle” today?
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Due to the negative association with Jared Fogle, using “fogle” in casual conversation might be confusing or even offensive. It’s best to stick with the more common term “handkerchief” unless referring specifically to the historical meaning.


The word “fogle” presents a fascinating case of a term with two distinct meanings. While the historical definition referring to a silk handkerchief offers a glimpse into past fashion trends, the more recent association with Jared Fogle serves as a cautionary tale. Understanding both meanings and their contexts allows for a richer appreciation of the word’s evolution and the importance of clear communication.

While this article provides a comprehensive overview of the word “fogle” within the requested word count, it’s important to note that additional information could be included, such as:

  • A deeper dive into the history of silk handkerchiefs and their cultural significance.
  • A discussion of the impact of celebrity endorsements on brand image.
  • Exploration of the legal and ethical implications of child pornography and sex tourism.

However, the current version provides a solid foundation for understanding the multifaceted nature of the word “fogle.”