Girl Power in Monopoly GO: Celebrating Women and Boosting Your Gameplay

girl power monopoly go

Monopoly GO, the mobile version of the classic board game, celebrates the achievements of women with its exciting “girl power monopoly go” event. This limited-time solo event offers a chance to rack up valuable rewards, enhance your gameplay, and contribute to another exciting event – Hot Rod Partners.

This guide delves into everything you need to know about Girl Power in Monopoly GO, from earning points and unlocking rewards to maximizing your gameplay experience.

Understanding the girl power monopoly go Event

What is it?

girl power monopoly go is a solo event in Monopoly GO specifically designed to celebrate International Women’s Day. It’s a chance for players to accumulate points, unlock exclusive rewards, and empower their in-game progress.

When does it occur?

The girl power monopoly go event is a limited-time offering, typically lasting for two days around International Women’s Day (March 8th). However, the exact dates may vary depending on the year and developer updates.

Earning Points and Reaching Milestones

How do I collect points?

The core objective of girl power monopoly go is to collect pickups scattered across your Monopoly GO board. These pickups appear exclusively on property tiles and award you points when you land on them.

Maximizing your points:

  • Roll Multiplier: Utilize your roll multiplier to increase the number of pickups you collect on a single landing. Remember, higher multipliers consume more dice rolls, so strategize accordingly.
  • Targeted Gameplay: Focus your landing strategy on acquiring properties with pickups. While property development remains crucial, prioritize landing on pickup-bearing spaces for faster point accumulation.

Reaching milestones – A path to rewards

Girl Power features a series of milestones, each requiring a specific point threshold. Reaching these milestones unlocks a treasure trove of exciting rewards, including:

  • Dice Rolls: Stock up on dice rolls, the lifeblood of Monopoly GO, for more turns and chances to dominate the board.
  • Sticker Packs: Personalize your profile and properties with unique and stylish sticker packs.
  • In-game Boosts: Enhance your gameplay with temporary boosts like Cash Grab (increased rent collection), Rent Frenzy (multiplies rent earned), and Cash Boost (boosts your in-game cash).
  • Hot Rod Partners Wheel Tokens: These tokens contribute to the Hot Rod Partners event, another exciting feature within Monopoly GO.
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Here’s a table summarizing the rewards and their corresponding milestones:

Point MilestoneRewards
225 Dice Rolls
10Cash Grab Boost
2050 Dice Rolls
30Rent Frenzy Boost
4075 Dice Rolls
501-Star Sticker Pack
60100 Dice Rolls
70Cash Boost
80125 Dice Rolls
902-Star Sticker Pack
100150 Dice Rolls
1203-Star Sticker Pack
140175 Dice Rolls
1604-Star Sticker Pack
180200 Dice Rolls
478014,320 Dice Rolls
48003-Star Sticker Pack
48205-Star Sticker Pack
48403,360 Hot Rod Partners Wheel Tokens

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Tips for reaching milestones faster:

  • Play actively: The more games you play, the more opportunities you have to collect pickups and reach milestones.
  • Utilize power-ups: Consider using power-ups that increase your roll multiplier or grant additional rolls for faster point accumulation.
  • Strategic landing: Plan your landing strategy to maximize pickup collection, even if it means sacrificing a slight property development advantage temporarily.

The Allure of Hot Rod Partners

While Girl Power is a standalone event, it also connects to the Hot Rod Partners event running concurrently. The Steering Wheel tokens you earn through Girl Power milestones contribute to the Hot Rod Partners event, allowing you to spin the wheel for additional rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is Girl Power a free event?

A: Yes, Girl Power is entirely free to participate in. All you need is the Monopoly GO app and an active internet connection.

Strategies and Considerations for Girl Power Mastery

Optimizing Your Roll Multiplier:

The role multiplier in Girl Power presents a strategic dilemma. While a higher multiplier grants more pickups per landing, it also consumes more precious dice rolls. Here are some tips for maximizing its effectiveness:

  • Early Game: In the initial stages, use a lower multiplier to secure properties and build a solid foundation. Once you have a few properties with houses or hotels, you can gradually increase the multiplier for faster point collection.
  • Targeted Properties: Identify properties known to spawn pickups frequently. When landing on such properties, consider using a higher multiplier to maximize your return on dice rolls.
  • Dice Roll Management: Be mindful of your remaining dice rolls. Don’t deplete your supply by using an excessively high multiplier unless absolutely necessary.
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Leveraging Power-Ups:

Monopoly GO offers various power-ups that can significantly enhance your Girl Power experience. Consider using these strategically:

  • Double Dice: This doubles the number of dice you roll, increasing your chances of landing on pickup-bearing spaces.
  • Extra Roll: This grants you an additional roll after your initial turn, offering another opportunity to collect pickups.
  • Landing Chance: This allows you to choose your landing space, guaranteeing a pickup if available. Utilize this strategically when nearing a milestone or when a high-value property with a pickup presents itself.

Balancing Girl Power with Core Gameplay:

Remember, Monopoly GO’s core gameplay remains vital. While accumulating points in Girl Power is important, don’t neglect traditional strategies like:

  • Strategic Property Acquisition: Focus on acquiring and developing properties in strategic locations to generate a steady income stream. This income allows you to purchase more power-ups and dice rolls, further enhancing your Girl Power progress.
  • Building and Upgrading Properties: Houses and hotels significantly increase your rent income, giving you an edge over opponents and providing resources for Girl Power pursuits.
  • Trading and Auctions: Utilize trading and auctions strategically to acquire beneficial properties or disrupt opponents’ plans.

Conclusion: Girl Power – A Celebration and Strategic Opportunity

The Girl Power event in Monopoly GO is more than just a celebration of women’s achievements. It’s a strategic opportunity to collect valuable rewards, enhance your gameplay, and contribute to the Hot Rod Partners event. By understanding point collection, strategically using the roll multiplier, leveraging power-ups, and maintaining a balance with core gameplay, you can conquer Girl Power and dominate the Monopoly GO landscape. So, roll the dice, celebrate women’s power, and get ready to climb the leaderboards!