5 Best Dab Pens for Easy Dabbing in 2021

Wax/ dab concentrates are magnificent because they let you ingest highly potent cannabinoids in a single puff. However, enjoying this type of cannabis concentrates is impossible if you do not have the ideal vaping device. Therefore, the level of enjoying your high-quality wax or dab concentrates depends on the quality of the dab pens. 

Below is a compiled list of the 10 best dab pens for easy dabbing in 2021. Your ideal dab pen could be on the list.

KandyPens Prism Plus Vaporizer.

KandyPens Prism Plus Vaporizer is an ultra-compact dab pen that offers a blend of elegance, portability, and power. It comes with two premium atomizers: a dual quartz rod atomizer and a coilless ceramic atomizer. With these two atomizers, the dab pen delivers flavorful hits out of your concentrates without combusting them.

Also, KandyPens Prism Plus Vaporizer is equipped with a powerful 900 mAh battery that features four variable voltage settings. Each setting is color-code for your convenience:

  • Yellow is for 2.3 V
  • Green is for 3.0 V
  • Red is for 3.6 V
  • Blue is for 4.2 V

If you go for the higher voltage settings, the dab pen will deliver lung-expanding/ large clouds. Besides, the vape pen is designed with a high-quality borosilicate glass mouthpiece that cools the vapor and in turn, preserves your concentrates’ authentic flavors.

Mig Vapor WASP.

Mig Vapor WASP dab pen has one of the best looks you can find in any dab pen. It also offers two color options: Black and Silver. The dab pen is also very portable. 

One standout feature about the WASP is its functionality that is beyond any competition. The dab pen has the ability to bake your dab concentrates at a temperature range of between 400 and 455 degrees Fahrenheit. It is equipped with a 900 mAh battery and a 1.0-ohm carborundum coil. 

Other features and specification the WASP dab pen comes with include:

  • A USB wireless charger
  • A user manual
  • A dab tool
  • A 90-day warranty.

Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen. 

Dr. Dabber’s Ghost dab pen comes in two packages: the Ghost Full RX Kit and the Ghost Vaporizer Kit. Both packages have some similar specs, including having an extra Ghost atomizer, a shatterproof storage ball, a single USB charger, and a loading tool. The Ghost Full RX Kit is more expensive than the Ghost Vaporizer Kit. However, it offers more, including having the Dr. Dabber Ghost Kit and the Dr. Dabber Globe Attachment.

In terms of performance, the Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen is an authentic low heat vaporizer for oil and wax concentrates. It is integrated with Titanium technology, from Dr. Dabber, which helps get rid of the burned electric taste that is synonymous with many other dab pen brands. This vape pen comes with a no-questions-asked one year warranty. 

Yocan Magneto.

Yocan Magneto dab pen comes with ceramic coils, which are known for their excellent heat retention and creating smooth vapor. Nonetheless, the Yocan Magneto is also compatible with quartz coils, which have a quick heat up time. 

A rechargeable 1100 mAh battery powers the Yocan Magneto and it utilizes USB charging. This battery features three voltage settings. Each setting is indicated using a specific number of lights. One light shows 3.0 V, two lights show 4.5 V, and three lights show 4.0 V.

KandyPens Crystal.

The Crystal is another best dab pen from KandyPens that you can use for easy dabbing in 2021. KandyPens is one of the most innovative brands in the vape pen industry. Their Crystal dab pen boasts of a phenomenal battery and a very innovative quartz bucket atomizer. This atomizer ensures your dab concentrate is heated from the bottom and does not come in contact with the coil. Therefore, you get the original purity of your wax concentrate out of this dab pen.

KandyPens Crystal’s bucket-style atomizer combines with the atomizer, made purely of 100% borosilicate glass, to deliver cool and flavorful hits. Additionally, KandyPens Crystal comes with a 900 mAh battery, which features four voltage options, which are 2.6 V, 3.0 V, 3.6 V, and 4.2 V.


In general, some of the qualities found in the best dab pens for easy dabbing in 2021 include longer battery life, USB charging, decent build quality, and at least three voltage options. The best dab pen should also be affordable (it should offer quality/ value for money).