Men’s Fashion: Different Types of Attires

When it comes to shopping for the perfect outfit for the right occasion, we often get mixed up with what type of attire the clothing piece should actually fall under. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Does it actually matter?’ Often the category of the occasion may be muddled up with another, but imagine wearing a casual t-shirt to a business event. A nightmare no one wants to risk. Hence, here’s a guide to the different types of attires out there.



This attire is as relaxed and flexible as it gets. It is the easiest way to go about it and the choices of clothes are up to you. Ranging from a simple t-shirt to a pair of shorts, casual attire prioritizes your comfort and relaxed attitude. You can also go about it with a denim jacket and a pair of jeans.

Smart casual

To get this attire right, you have to think of casual clothing but aim a notch higher. You have reached a level of style that is more standardized but still comfortable and relaxing. For this you can buy a t-shirt with a matching blazer, striking the perfect balance between the two.


This type of clothing style prioritizes your absolute comfort and ease, after all, these will be worn by you at your very own home where no dress code can chase after you! You can easily go about this with what makes you feel the most relaxed, like a pair of men’s loungewear pants or even a comfortable loose sweater.

Business casual

I know what you’re thinking, ‘Business and casual? How does one even go about it?’ Not to worry everyone, here’s the best way to go about this. When it comes to business casual attire, it might be difficult to draw a line with smart casual, but the main difference is that this type of attire comes with a higher level of professionalism. With this dress code, go for dark jeans or even chinos and a blazer.

Business formal

This type of dress attire falls under the more conservative business meetings and office work. For this, shop for a formal business shirt in neutral colors like white or even blue. It’s best to avoid any daring prints and safer to stick to plain ones or even stripes. Top it all up with a tie and a pair of leather shoes.


For any evening events are parties, stick to dark-colored clothing pieces. These should be more modern and cutting-edge, making them more unique than your other pieces. You can even personalize your outfit with some accessories of your choice.

Black tie

This is yet another formal dress code that also falls under evening events. One is generally expected to wear a tuxedo, sharpening up their image and preparing them for a glorious night. To complete this look, don’t forget that black-tie!

Now that you are more familiar with the different types of attires out there, shopping for the right outfit will be much easier!