Microsoft’s talks with TikTok

This is a Fascinating Situation for any number of reasons and unlike anything that i can recall having seen in part because the Government is so deeply involved in basically dictating the potential sale of a Business to one Company, and it really ends up being one company you know as you guys I have been following this to a large extent over the last few weeks and it was a difficult thing to imagine how would byte dance go about disposing of this business. If they were not going to be selling it to One Company  how would they do an IPO an enormous IPO  with their some of their investors rolling in it was difficult but the sale route is certainly the one that would be easiest for them at the same time byte dance right the giant Chinese company at this point, let’s not forget most recently valued at about 135 billion in the last round which of course operates Tik Tok around the world and has a huge presence in China is in a very difficult position because they are facing the possibility of being shut down in the U.S or potential sale to what is really one as I Said potential buyer and that is Microsoft which is currently in talks to acquire the company, Price of which very difficult to know but Microsoft certainly in a very advantageous position it would seem, because I am not quite sure what other avenues bike dance would have certainly they could Sue or they could try to use the legal system here to say this were being wrongly shut down. But you know that would put them in a potentially precarious position impact the overall value of the company in a significant way given the growth potential of this business as you point out.

It’s a billion in Revenues now but it could be as much as Six Billion next year if it continues at its current rate of growth, so we’ll just have to see here so many different cross currents it is very very  fluid the situation at this point yet Microsoft certainly in very interesting position because it is kind of got the only check mark you can go through the list of potential buyers. Why they can’t do it Microsoft Remember DOD already signing them on for that cloud contract that Amazon of course was challenging. So you see why from a security standpoint the U.S certainly seems prepared to have Microsoft own that business.