Importance of employment pass Singapore company documentation

When hiring employees for your company, you need all the information you need about the applicants. This is because you want to know their background and if they are a good fit for the job they are going to fill in at your company. Once you select the right candidates, you will still need to keep the documents they have submitted. This is important not only for your local employees but also for the employment pass Singapore workers in your company.
E Pass Singapore documentation is essential for companies in Singapore. Even the Ministry of Manpower encourages employers to always keep track of the E Pass records of their foreign employees. Thus, an employer must keep these records of their employees especially those who are holding work visas.
What is employment pass Singapore company documentation?
Documentation is defined as the set of records of something. It can be stored online through workspace applications or it can be kept on paper and stored in the office of the company. To get an employment pass Singapore visa, candidates must submit a lot of documents. During the application process, a lot of documents are generated like the notification letter and the In-Principle Approval. These documents should not be thrown away even after the foreign worker gets their pass. Instead, this should be kept by the employer while the E Pass Singapore holder is still employed to them.
Why E Pass Singapore documentation important for the company
One might say that it isn’t necessary to keep the documents that came out of the employment pass Singapore application. That is because they think that these documentations will just consume space virtually and even at the office. However, there are benefits of having the E Pass Singapore documented. That is why in this article, we will discuss the importance of employment pass Singapore company documentation.
#1 – Keeping records of all employment pass Singapore holders
In any company, keeping employee records is a must. This is the job of the human resource department or staff in the company. There are a lot of employees in a company and even if it is just a team of five workers, an employer must have folders of each employee. This should contain their resume, credentials, job description in the company, and even their salary history. If this is a must for local employees, this is highly recommended for foreign employees especially the E Pass Singapore employees.
Foreign employees will have more records that need to be kept than the local employees. That is because their work visa documentations require separate document folders. Keeping such documents is vital for the employer since most of them had sponsored these work visas. You’ll never know if a problem may arise in the future regarding the E Pass. If so, you will have sufficient documentation to present during these issues.
#2 – Monitoring of E Pass Singapore transactions
Aside from the application process, the employer is also the one responsible for the other employment pass Singapore transactions. These transactions include the renewal of pass, re-application of the pass, and cancellation of pass. Furthermore, if the E Pass Singapore holder chooses to bring their families to Singapore, the employer will also be the one who will sponsor the Dependent’s Pass application.
To be able to do all of these transactions, the employer needs to look into the foreign worker’s documentation. These documents will serve as a reference for the employer in these work visa transactions. They don’t have to ask the E Pass holder to re-submit certain documents. They will just pull what they have kept in the E Pass documentation folder.
#3 – Provides helpful guidance of foreign employee performance
Documentation is not only for employers to keep the documents that were submitted to them by the employee. This is also used in keeping records of the employee’s performance in the company. This is most important if you have an employment pass Singapore holder working for you. Whether the employee is doing good or doing bad, you should keep a record of it. This is so when the time comes for the E Pass Singapore visa to expire, you will be able to decide effectively if you will keep the employee and renew the pass or cancel it and find another employee. Thus, you must keep the employment pass Singapore documentation updated regularly.
The documentation process may seem like a rigorous task to do. However, it is essential to not only have the necessary documents in hand but also the right records that will help you make good decisions. As the business owner, you don’t need to be the one to do this documentation task. In fact, you can hire reliable third-party companies like Ren Ai Group to keep and monitor E Pass Singapore documentation for you. Contact them and look into their services.