Knowing the forty-year building recertification

Knowing the forty-year building recertification requirement when purchasing a condo in Miami

Knowing the forty-year building recertification requirement when purchasing a condo in Miami

The purchase of a condominium in Miami is an excellent investment, but be sure you are aware of the 40-year recertification

The history of recertification

Miami created The 40-Year Recertification Program in the late 1970s after a building collapse killed seven DEA agents on the 5th of August in 1974. The collapse prompted an investigation. Inspectors concluded that poor construction materials employed by the contractor had an important role in the tragic accident.

County officials looked into the structure’s collapse and concluded that the peculiar South Florida environment challenged their findings.

  • Saltwater
  • Humid air
  • Strong winds

Miami-Dade County was the first county in the country to require recertification for older buildings that are 40 years old or older. Fort Lauderdale followed years after The property will have 90 days to engage an engineer to examine the building and An engineer from the structural engineering department

What happens if a building fails to complete the recertification process?

If the building fails to submit the recertification reports. If that happens the building could be subject to an Civil Violation notice which can be a penalty of up to $10,510 and the charges that the department incurs, and, even mo

 The inspection can help to determine the health of the building’s structure as well as electrical systems.

Structure inspection

  • Foundation
  • Systems for roofing
  • Walls bearing masonry
  • Steel framing system
  • Roof and floor systems
  • Concrete framing systems
  • Windows
  • Wood framing
  • Loading
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Electrical Inspection

  • Electric service
  • Branch circuits
  • Conduit raceways
  • Emergency lighting
How do I find outr a building has passed the recertifuired to inquire or have your agent ask about recertification process.

You can also search for public documents by accessing this site and then searching for the condo’s name.


It is vital for you to know about this program, particularly when considering condos in Miami that are subject to 40-year recertification. The 40-year recertification is a method for building owners to make sure that their buildings are secure and meet standards. Miami condominiums offer appealing investment options You should be aware of the requirements for the certification process.

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