Best Practices for Launching Your New Municipal Website

If you have worked hard and put in a new municipal website for your community, there are every reasons to spread the news far and wide. Weeks of strategic planning, hours of work and designing, and now that you have a brand new municipal website, your target must be to work in popularizing it. So, you’d now want a mega impact launch of the new site to let the community know.

Municipal website best practices often do not end in designing and creating the site. You must also put in the effort to promote it. Here are a few tips to help you launch new municipal website in the best way possible.

Explain the Added Values of the New Website

So, you’ve worked on creating the new site, but how many people do exactly know what new features you have brought into it? The department probably already had a website and to let people be aware of the new features of the new site, the best way to do that would be to explain them. That would help the community understand what exactly they are getting and what the improvements are. This will also explain them the value of the new site and how to work with it in the correct manner. Value-added features such as provision to watch live videos of council meetings or the ability to pay for parks online, can be highlighted on the new website itself.

Roll Out Quality Content Shortly After Launch

You don’t want people visiting your website just on the day of the launch. Instead, it would be much better if people visit the site more regularly. To help do that, make sure you are ready with quality content right from the beginning when you started creating the website. Add top-notch content gradually, and watch people revisit your site and increase its popularity automatically.

Engage Local Media

Informing and engaging local media like newspapers or TV is the sure shot way to make your website public. Not only does this gives your site a great exposure, but also makes sure the added features and the benefits it is offering are correctly highlighted. This will also help the people of the community to engage with the website better.

Use Social Media

Over 70% of Americans use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can get an official FB page or a dedicated Twitter handle for your municipal department and announce the launch of the new website there. Utilizing these social platform in the correct manner will help spread the news even faster, and people would want to visit the new site for information.

Have Provisions for Training

People who are new to the features added to the new municipal website design, need to be trained how to use those in the correct manner. If anyone is facing difficulties in using the features of the website, you should always make provisions for hands on training. Mostly, these trainings would be needed by the elders of the community, so make preparations accordingly.

You can also demonstrate the features of the new website and how to use them at local community events. This would not only clear out any doubts about using the website, but would also portray the months of hard work that you have put into creating it, and that would help you earn a good name.

These municipal website best practices for launching can be followed for a successful launch of the site. However, keep in mind, that it is ultimately the quality of the design and relevance of information that would determine the success of the website.