5 Affiliate Marketing Website Examples to Learn from Experts

The aim of affiliate marketing is to make money. However, using affiliate marketing for making consistent sales can be very difficult sometimes and it has no relation with whether you have a very good knowledge of how to sell items by using this type of marketing. So, we can consider this type of marketing as a double-edged sword.

But some affiliate marketing websites are successful. These sites have spent a long time performing affiliate marketing and are still performing very well.

Now I am going to give you 5 affiliate marketing website examples that are still successful.

1.Fatherly.com – This is a hybrid site. For millennial parents, it is a magazines-style site. However, behind the scenes, an affiliate marketing engine runs.

Niche – How a millennial man can do parenting?

Founder – Michael Rothman, Simon Isaacs

Goal – Empowering men for raising very good kids

Key Challenge – It can be difficult to keep yourself with the “current” in a market that is highly politicized.

Key Stats

Facebook – 3M

Twitter – 18.3k

DR – 77

Backlinks – 6.7k

How does this site make money?

This site generates revenue by using affiliate links and display advertising in a combined form. If monetization of various pages becomes difficult for a number of “news” sites then these sites use display advertising. Therefore, the content of Zergnet.com is used by Fatherly.com. The comparisons and product reviews are responsible for affiliate monetization.

Top Promotions

Best buy, Walmart, Zergnet, amazon.com

Fatherly.com helps us in learning various things

·       It can be good to write big content.

·       It gives you a good knowledge of your market.

·       Here the traffic streams can be more than one.

2.Snapsort – Basically for novices and enthusiasts of photography this data-driven site has been created. If you want a good camera and you don’t know the way to use it then how will you deal with this situation? By using a number of mouse clicks, Snapsort will help you in keeping away all the problems of that kind.

Niche – Photography

Founder – Alexander Black, Christopher Reid

Goal – In finding a perfect camera, it helps you a lot

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Key Challenge – They provide more value as compared to their competitors. But in spite of all this their competitors are considered slicker.

Key Stats

Facebook – 69,000

Twitter – 5,200

DR – 57

Backlinks – 3,200

How does this site make money?

With the help of affiliate links of Amazon as well as from AdSense, this site generates revenue. They present their site in multiple languages for maximizing the income potential.

Top Promotions

Google AdSense, amazon.com

Snapsort helps us in learning various things

·       It will be a good business to use comparison tools.

·       By going multilingual you can get a lot of help.

3.Lucie’s List – Here for describing something we can use a pun as well as a cliche together. Because of passion this site has been created. Meg Collins is the founder of this site. Once she got pregnant but she had not done early preparations for this. She had a daughter Lucie and she started waiting for the arrival of Lucie so as to help her during pregnancy. Meg Collins decided to create a site in which she was going to tell the mistakes that she had made so that the other moms can learn a lot from this. Her monthly organic visitors are near 240,000.

Niche – Pregnancy

Founder – Meg Collins

Goal – Helping pregnant ladies in avoiding some mistakes that are common

Key Challenge – For getting traffic there is a lot of competition because every week a lot of bloggers appear who write about “pregnancy” and “new baby”

Key Stats

Facebook – 95,000

Twitter – 6,300

DR – 47

Backlinks – 1.09k

How does this site make money?

By using sites like Giggle and Amazon and using affiliate links on these we can do the monetization of Lucie’s list. On the digital products angle also, the Meg works. On Kobo, Apple and Amazon there are some books related to babies that are self-publishing and on these Meg works.

Top Promotions

Giggle, amazon.com

Lucie’s list helps in learning various things

·   It creates a list. By using her content, she generates income. So, creating a list is not too early.

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·       Works on passion projects

4.Safewise – Several things like artificial intelligence, real robotics and home automation are our dreams. And keeping your home safe will be your priority. Safewise provides you this security.

Niche – Keeping home secure

Goal – On home automation products and home security it gives you opinion and reviews that are in-depth.

Key Challenge – For selling systems of home security and high-ticket items, it establishes enough trust.

Key Stats

Facebook – 14,000

Twitter – 1,540

DR – 75

Backlinks – 6,300

How does this site make money?

It promotes Vivint and several other pay-per-call programs and earns income.

Top Promotions

OfferVault, affiliate by CONVERSANT and amazon.com

Safewise helps in learning various things

·       It includes all of the things like a lot of user guides, product reviews and publishing authoritative content.

·       Their strategy of monetization includes lead generation.

·       PCPartsPicker.com is a comparison tool that they use for maximizing their position.

5.Skyscanner – To the sites of major airlines, Skyscanner sends visitors and receives paid commission. We can say that this affiliate site is very profitable.

Niche – Travel by Air

Founder – Bryan Dove

Goal – For finding cheap flights, it helps travelers.

Key Challenge – Skyscanner is competing with international airlines that are of major level.

Key Stats

Facebook – 10M

Twitter – 170k

DR – 84

Backlinks – 17,100

How does this site make money?

It gets paid commission from airlines. There are informational pages in the menu present in the right-hand side having an adblock. By using AdSense it earns money from it. Trade Doubler, Awin and Commission Junction are the networks on which they run affiliate program of international level.

Top Promotions

Google AdSense, Ryanair and British Airways

Skyscanner helps in learning various things

·       You need to think big.

·       Content marketing is very important. If a website owner takes interest in services like content marketing, video marketing and social media marketing then it will be good for him to take advice from a number of digital marketing experts.